My brother got more Christmas presents than me.

Could you drive Cristina home?

I drink coffee.

You can do it, Sassan.

Just leave it.

I studied around the clock.

Why are you always complaining?

Our political system was shaped by feudal traditions.


Everyone is staring at me.

I believe his name is Sunil.

There was a thick fog.

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Jelske has always been alone.

Glenn asked a lot of questions, didn't he?

Many people believe that acupuncture can cure diseases.

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Why do you want that anyway?


The critics shot us down.

Smoking may lead to a slow and pleasant death.

I can't bear it any longer.

They are singers.

I hope you know that the last thing I want to do is go there without your permission.


Where is it kept?

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I didn't even want you to tell Harold.

He has more than a thousand books.

It's going to be violent weather!

I'm still training Arne.

I want to go to New York.

We are thankful for your kindness.

He thinks only about himself.

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Be quiet and listen to me.

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I want you to take me to him.

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Joachim is supposed to help Elijah do the laundry.

So there is a magnetic field around earth.

You don't get paid to think.

Why didn't you use a pay phone?

I wonder if Dean knows that.

Willie is the one who did this.

You weren't here then.

He is directly above me.

How old is this building?


Meeks is wetting her hair.

Don't you think it's strange that he's not here?

I don't miss you at all.


Can I open my eyes?

I don't understand you, you'll have to talk a little louder.

Brandi saw dirty footprints on the white carpet.

It's five to six.

The explosion took place because of his carelessness.

She gave him something cold to drink.

He turned back to help her up the stairs.

The burglar came in through a window.

Toufic climbed into bed and turned off the light.


In this case, translation is, in effect, impossible.

We can't leave you here.

I assume you haven't heard from Peter.

We'll find out in just a minute.

Reading a lot of books is a good thing.


The stories written by Amy Church are all interesting.

Don't overthink it.

It turned out that I was right.

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I wouldn't hurt them.


I'm sure Mann will be contacting you in the near future.

The nearest gas station is only one hundred kilometers to the north.

Forty euros for a scarf? You don't have anything cheaper?

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Helge doesn't have to know.

Standing on the porch, he looked out with great interest, seeking out his dog.

I'm here for you.

Her new statement is a reversal of her previous position.

I've tried doing it that way already.

What would Jesus do?

The dog barked at Benjamin.

I intend seeing the queen.

We are having trouble with our new neighbor.

It was a disappointing loss.

When was the last time you read this magazine?


Archeology reveals the secrets of the past.

Comfort can spoil you. Once in a while, it can do you good to corner yourself.

He heard the news calmly.

She got tired of his waffling and dumped him.

I bought it at a giveaway price.

I don't want to go to work.

It could be a trap


Ramneek is definitely planning something.


I'm pessimistic.

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Some test questions are unfair to gorillas.

Instead of going myself, I sent a messenger.

If it were not for your help, I could not succeed.

I'm not doing great.

I'm only interested in doing the right thing.

Dennis lay flat on the floor.

He lives here all alone.

The airplane took off and boarded to China.

They didn't even know where to go.

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Please come to my house for a while.

We exulted at our good fortune.

What time does your office let you go home?

"Just go in and tell the boss you want a raise." "That's easier said than done."

I'll deal with him.

That would never happen, right?

The Lebanese student and her friends wrote books.

Who doesn't like having their back scratched?

Jisheng claimed that he didn't know his beach house was being used for illegal activities.


This is all I've got left.

We should all help provide starving people with food.

Everyone is talking about me.


Is this pencil red or white?

You've been told the same thing everybody else has been told.

I have been a teacher for 15 years.

I have no idea what this means.

I teach French at a nearby junior high school.

Andre didn't do it for money.

We credit her outstanding success as the reason the sport is receiving more attention nowadays.

Mott thinks Rainer is a little weird.

He hit a home run in the first inning.

Izzy could see that Tracey was texting.

I sat up last night until two o'clock watching the Olympic Games on TV.

Stewart ate vegetable soup this morning.

I am afraid things will take a turn for the worse.

We are watching.

In honor of tomorrow's Esperanto club meeting, I baked a cake with white frosting and a green star in the center.

Real is young, rich, spoiled and egocentric.

Bobbie does seem familiar.

Margaret is still there.

Simon almost got fired.

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Jesper has just finished washing dishes.


I think that at that time none of us quite believed in the Time Machine.

I share your idea.

Many play, but only one will win.

I'll speak to you at a more convenient time.

He is as cool as ever after his divorce.

He is the first national politician to be named in a widening corruption scandal.

Cut me some slack.

I hope he will make good in his new position.

Can we wait for Lenora here?

They looked relieved.

I like sandwiches.


Hurf laid the newspaper on the table.

Did you see them?

Shel wanted to stick around to see what would happen. Unfortunately, he had to leave.

She got wet when he started caressing her breasts.

Why is your French so good?

I don't know who you want to see.

What are they like?

You got here in time.

I want to get better.

I have big hands.

I hate Boston.

I've slept.

It won't be possible.

The birds sang as only birds can sing on a bright spring morning.

I didn't think I'd be back.


Macbeth raised an army to attack his enemy.

Why would we want to go to Boston?

I can't believe you did this!

He loves Hokkaido.

As we go together, we will draw inspiration from heroic and selfless acts -- friends who helped friends, took care of each other and saved lives. In the face of hate and violence, we will love one another. We will not give in to fear or turn against each other. Instead, we will stand united, as Americans, to protect our people, and defend our nation, and to take action against those who threaten us.

She wanted to marry an all-American man.

She is almost sixty years old.

He has an interest in collecting insects.

Lum doesn't like the way the movie ended.

Of course I know who he is! He's an incredibly smart boy.

Raja allowed Mosur to leave early.

Donnie died a few months later.

When honey is there, stingers are near.

Child: "I need to go to the loo." - Mother: "Number one or number two?"

You have no idea what true love is.

Technology has improved since then.

She stared at her feet.


I'm not in good shape now.

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Jagath gets good grades in school.


I tried to get Charles to help me, but he wouldn't.