My father has been engaged in foreign trade for many years.

There's no way we can get this done by next Monday.

There is nothing to regret about.

What you said convinced Theodore.

Merril heard his name being called.

Gil called on Frank to express his sympathy.

The measure of love is to love without measure.

Because of the heavy snow, the railroad traffic has been interrupted.

Which do you like better, cycling or jogging?

You may speak.

Werner refused to cooperate.

You've decided to take the job, haven't you?

My brother's six years younger than I am.

Can you talk to them?

He sat in silence and was looking straight ahead of him.

You didn't leave me shit.

He told her firmly to realize how serious her condition was.

He cast a vote for the proposition.

Reinhard hasn't been all that successful.

If you want to go, then go.

His drinking habit is an old one.

What has estranged him from his sister?

Jesus welcomes you.


You have no right to judge these people.

Crank up the heater.

Who has been absent from school for three weeks?

Joyce didn't miss his watch until he got home.

He's what they call a walking encyclopedia.


I am not so tall as my brother, but taller than my father.

The translator constantly learns new things about himself.

"I want to buy things," the boy said.

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You should apologize to him for coming late.


Unlike my brother, I cannot swim.

He walked into the lion's den.

The two rooms are connected.


Violence isn't necessarily the best thing, but sometimes it's a solution.

I understand that would be difficult.

I've been waiting for you.

My mother is strict with manners.

I might give that a try.

Thanks for bringing it up.

He was a real hero.


I ate half the apple before I noticed there was a worm in it.

Let me get you some water.

Working part-time, I found that some customers were polite, whereas others were not.

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The candle went out instead of having been put out.

I think it was a misunderstanding.

Marcel never wins at tic-tac-toe.


A guide conducted the visitors round the museum.

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Oscar couldn't get Kari to tell him why she was unhappy.


Don't make the same mistakes I made.

Shai is my half-sister.

Narendra owns the building I live in.


Who teaches you English conversation?

It's almost time for her to go.

I didn't know you were planning to leave at 2:30.

My doctor has an excellent bedside manner.

Are you ready to do this?

Does that answer satisfy you?

Let's be more prepared when we act next time.

She is, indeed, a lovely girl.

He was found lying unconscious on the kitchen floor.

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What else do you like?


In short, I disagree.

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They said they're hungry.

Think about your brother!

That is not a yellow piece of chalk.

The only thing one never regrets are one's mistakes.

I could not help laughing at the sight.

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He deserves the prize.

I'm reading an interesting book.

The agreement gave Britain control over Egypt.


I have quite a little work to do this afternoon.

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Jayant and Byron congratulated each other on their success.

I wondered when you would come.

I have got a beautiful dog and it is my best friend.

I asked her to join us.

She is a brilliant scholar and is everywhere recognized as such.

It's all over.

The house stands on the hill.

You will ruin me.

How many of you live here?


I'll let them explain.

He's capable of doing it.

I've made some mistakes that I should've been able to avoid.

Doesn't anybody appreciate theater?

Marc knows he's not very good at speaking French.

Let me try it again.

No is pregnant.

Cut it out, Rolfe.

I'm always losing things.


Sorry, I did not intend to post the string of "thumbs up" signs. I must have tapped on the icon on my iPhone by mistake.

There are dumb people like Dan everywhere.

Knapper was found guilty.

Everything looked beautiful, in the freshness of early spring.

Shamim and Siping recognized each other.


His condition could have been worse.

Our escape was nothing short of a miracle.

How strange the weather is!


I can still hear your voice.

Keep these seats for the elderly.

Jakob saw something on the sidewalk.


People from this country are Canadian.


We'll tell Giovanni.


It refuses to die.


Look on me, and do likewise.

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One store decided to pull the controversial CD from its shelves.

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Where shall we go?

Is there anything else you want to ask?

Nudists regard nudity as normal.


Vickie ate breakfast all by himself.

You have to audition to join the choir.

Mr Johnson was concerned about the amount of money that was being lost because of careless management.

He who saves a life, saves the whole world.

You have made only a few spelling mistakes.

Clare took the letter, crumpled it and put it in his pocket.

Is this the dictionary you're looking for?


Life has been hard on him.

You shouldn't let children play with the kitchen knife.

That was a very good speech.


Can you come to my office immediately?

So he didn't go to school.

Do you sell the hibiscus?

I'm looking for my contact lens.

I always buy things I'd like to have myself.

He couldn't speak because the audience was too noisy.

From the stars, knowledge.


I'm going to show you some pictures.

Madrid is one of the most beautiful capitals in Europe.

Are you from England?

Let's try something new.

They expected it to rain frogs?

That child stared at me, his mouth agape.

We need to be a little more efficient.

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Is Jerrie still out in the cold?


I'm taking good care of him.

It's not easy to come by watermelons at this time of year.

New York City has five boroughs.

Anything that can go wrong will.

I was easily taken in by his smooth talk.

I'm an atheist and I thank God for it.

He lives in his car.

Would you like to know why Bud doesn't like you?

But I don't think it's strange at all.

Is it you who'll buy the food?

Mussolini was leader of the fascist dictatorship.

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I wasn't sure if Po had eaten yet.

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We're really hungry.

Shaw and Collin want to make a deal.

Klaus dashed toward the door.


I'll stay out of your way.

The home team won.

He broke his word, which made his wife angry.

She put on an assumption of ignorance.

I can't believe anyone ate what Malcolm cooked.

You live for but a day, a mere blink of the eye in the sands of time.

She may be late, in which case we will wait.

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At some point in history, a mosquito has to have bitten into a pimple and thought "What the fuck is this?"

Bryan will get married to Darren next week.

Open the hood.

Do you think Irfan wears smart clothes?

The article covers all the events at the fair.